Aishwarya WINDMILL

Location: Raipur


The azure blue of the skies reach out gently to the undulating verdant greens. A gentle breeze sweeps you to a land where the tall masts of the Windmills speak to the skies. And you realize the power of nature, of being outdoors. It re-energizes your soul, it rekindles dreams and reminds you of how life should truly be lived-with the wind in your hair and green grass under your bare feet and the smell of flowers everywhere. We turn what everyone believes to be a rare existence into reality.

Life on a roll:

We believe that life can only be savoured in open spaces. And at a time where acres of open land and space is a luxury, we build your homes right in the middle of that vastness. And all this is provided at a location which is considered the most central and desirable vicinity in Raipur. Accessible to landmarks such as the Ambuja Mall, VIP Club, Ashoka Ratan and other important hospitals as well as leading schools and banks, your home will in the neighborhood of Raipur’s rich and famous.

These 51 ultra premium 5BHK bungalows will reflect the best in modern architecture and design with straight clean lines and facades, and will include only the very best of globally approved products and features, with attention paid to every minute detail. This project will prove that yet again that these are strengths that have become the hallmark of Aishwarya Group’s reputation earned successfully over three decades of building only the very best for you.

Aishwarya Windmill will set a new benchmark and standard in the building of quality and luxury lifestyle homes.

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